Friday, August 14, 2009

Twice in two days

I hate being told off. I get a horrible sick in trouble feeling in my gut. It's a bad feeling to have.

Case example 1) S and I were having a loud lunchtime conversation between our desks. A colleague asked as to keep it quiet. I responded with a 'it's lunchtime' rejoinder, to which they countered with 'there's a break out area, go have it there.' The tone of the pleasantly masked anger I think was the trigger for the bad feelings that both S and I got. We then of course had a subsequent bitch by email about it.

Case example 2) I authorised someone in another office to do something in advance of clearance since I figured it would happen anyway. I told my boss. He flipped. 'No, no, NO' and proceeded to semi-tear me a new one. He too was very restrained - apart from the initial WTF?! - and what makes it worse is I actually like him as a boss. He cares about outputs and he cares how's it done. I have to admit taking the long way around to my desk so I don't pass his office cos I am worried he thinks I am shit.

Anyway, the horrid feelings of being in trouble. Twice in two days. That's fucked.


  1. My advice? Stop feeling bad about the first one if you can... I know exactly the feeling you're talking about, but really only the boss matters out of these two :)

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  3. Yeah, I had some more mild correcting today. I hate being corrected. It makes me feel like a tool.

  4. I was unjustly 'corrected' a couple of weeks ago. Same sick feeling.
    The day after I drew up a flyer that reads, "Don't try to change anything and keep your mouth shut. Remember, you have a family to support."
    It's pinned next to my desk where only I can see as a little reminder...

    And as a little protest...

    Until the next time the bad-day-at-work fairy sprinkles her dust and I get to go through that same sick feeling again.

  5. Go Shane! That's an awesome mostly subtle fuck you.


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