Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stupid time magazine

I read an article in Time where they said exercise does sweet fuck all for weight loss. It's all about the eating less and eating the less bad stuff.

Yeah, I knew it already. But walking is pretty much the only thing I am doing actively to get healthier.

Well, that's not entirely true. I am not gaining weight, I don't think (having chucked the scales as a mood killer), and am not binge eating anymore.

But having two fun sized* packs of M&Ms and a cafe donut in one day probably isn't helping matters.

Stupid food. What I need is that condition Patty or Selma have where they can't taste or smell anything. Then, well, you could eat dodgy protein bars and you wouldn't give a tinkers about the taste.

Still texture would probably still be a sensation you could enjoy.

Lately I have been enjoying that old standard porridge - the food, not the show starring the ampled Ronnie.

When I was a kid, during Winter, we'd have porridge most days. My parents would put oats into a slow cooker and, come morning, ready for the eating. I'd drown the fucker in milk and brown sugar - though weirdly my dad went with Golden Syrup. Apparently some Scottish types add salt - which is a WTF from me.

Uncle Toby's puts out boxes with sachets already loaded to the correct amount. All you have to do is add 1/2 a cup of milk and nuke for 90 seconds. So that's good value. Though I feel guilty for the extra packaging and so forth - it's hardly g of me is it.

Anyway, Time magazine. Thanks for once again ruining my month with your stupid facts. Why can't you do truthiness, like righties seem to enjoy, what with their 'it's a cookbook' style mob panic over the specter of public health coverage for those without private health insurance like that's available to every other person in a developed country.

Boggles the fucking mind. Dickbrains.

*Marketing genius calling a teeny serve fun sized. It's an almost Orwellian reversal.

UPDATE: Grendel has rightly pointed out that the article didn't say exercise didn't do anything. It just said that it didn't do much for most people as most people massively misjudge the exercise just performed against the delish bad food they are "entitled" to eat. Thus not only eat back the energy lost, but then some.


  1. I thought the article said exercise does F-all if you eat extra to compensate for the calories you burned. . .

  2. It should also be noted that you can diet all you like and you won't be as healthy as someone who is overweight but fit.

    Porridge- I can't stand that Uncle Toby's crap (sorry, I know pretty much everyone likes those) but made with whole oats and milk (in the microwave) with a tsp of brown sugar and a good handful of frozen raspberries thrown in, topped with a spoonful of ricotta when it comes out... sooo yummy :) And healthy... even the Uncle Toby's Oat Temptations probably would get the nutritional thumbs up from me...

  3. My doc said to me that losing weight is about 10% exercise and the rest what you eat.

  4. As a long term fatty and now rapidly thinningy I know the input/output equation only too well.

    Bless you, little plastic band. . .


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