Monday, August 10, 2009

Pants tuck

As a man who owns a lot of large sized shirt I tend to let them all hang out. I don't like going the tuck. Though it kind of looks like Sharon's netball skirt over trackie daks (from Kath and Kim).

Today I went the tuck in. Not sure why. Maybe my pants and belt are conducive to wearing it tucked in.

Two things I noticed.

One - I was paranoid I'd spotted the front of my pants after going the wee and didn't have the benefit of my dust ruffle to prevent that being seen.

Two - I was constantly checking my fly was done up properly.

I don't like the tuck. Back to untucked I think.


  1. At the bookfest in June, Dad and I were walking around and for some reason he realised his fly was undone. So right there, standing among all these people, he does it up.

    Unfortunately, he announced, "My fly is undone" before doing so.

    I was standing beside him. Embarrassment.

  2. He had a fly FAIL!

    Trouble with pants for the larger gent when you're harry high is that A) you have a longer crotch dangle on the pants (almost MCHAMMER esq) so B) a much longer fly.

    So often you think you've gone the typical zip distance and you don't realise you've left a small middle of a venn diagram up the top.


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