Thursday, August 20, 2009

A p0rny fox po

I am blessed to work in close conjunction with kewl people. Not only is my desk buddy a pop culture meets braniac kewl person, she plays D&D in an all girl group. Attention people that don't play, the ratio of innies to outies in D&D land is like 1:80. The fact she has a girly group is, well, statistically aberant.

Our across the way other kewl person is S. He's young and already my rank (and I've been in a while). It says a lot about his capabilities. He's also easy on the eye, and I don't mind saying, it's been noticed given the 'tee hee hee' reactions he enjoys from da ladies.

S is a legend as well. Great sense of humour, always up to Noodles Nogoods. Love him to pieces. His lates shtick is changing the auto-sig on his partner's iPhone when she's not looking so her emails have some random out of left field non-sequitur at the end.

I digress. Today I had a painful meeting. It was painful as I had experienced crap sleep. S and I had an outer involvement with the issue discussed, so we had whispered asides to each other that kept us amused and awake throughout.

Later, I had beef Rendang for lunch. Naturally, I spilled splotches on my top.

Me - to S

'It looks like I've been sprayed by a brown money shot.'

And he laughed. It was disgusting, rude, and required certain knowledge of p0rn lingus to understand.

I love working with these guys. They get me. And they make being at work fun.

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  1. That's always awesome. It makes the hours go quickly.

    Work without fantastic co-workers? Giant FAIL.


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