Sunday, August 09, 2009

Heh heh, Nantucket

I've lived a mostly sheltered life. I've been overseas once and before I went to a state school I'd sworn a total of nine times in my life. Indeed on my second day I got called a "prick" and was severely offended.

Now, I lay down cursin' tracks with the best of them and am a frequent dropper of the C-word. I don't blame state schools for that, but it did help being exposed to a set of peers that used swear words like other people used "and" and "the".

For years I've been aware of "the man from Nantucket", which apparently was from the 1st line of many a dirty Limerick. But I have to confess I've never heard the whole thing.

So on a whim this morning, and trusting my old pal Wiki wouldn't let me down, I went to look it up.

I wasn't disappointed.

The rude version (note - it started off clean in the popular press and soon morlock-esq degenerates degenerated it) is actually pretty hilarious.

So do your Sunday a favour and check it out.

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