Saturday, August 22, 2009

Exercise equipment

It's mostly a con. Sure, some dedicated types will get use out of it, but, let's face it, most of us will peter out at some point and its use becomes non.

Then ... then it becomes unusable furniture. Wait, that's not true. They do retain some usability.

They're great places to hang clothes on to dry.

We had an exercise bike that for five years sat in the dining room as a misshapen clothes horse.

Eventually we arsed it to the garage and I think we flogged it off to a relative.

One year for my birthday, as a joke, theWife got me one of those pole mounted boxing balls. It looks like an erect chupa chup. It moved house with us and sits in the end room by the window.

I have a pair of giant, Jared-esq before pants that I still wear, because I don't have many clothes and because they still fit with a belt. But, of all my clothes, it is the only thing that cannot be dried in a drier because if you do it comes out all wrinkly.

My solution?

I drape it on my boxing ball to dry*.

Oh, here is Jared news I reported earlier. And here too.

*And it still dries wrinkly. Stupid giant, Jared-esq before pants.

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