Sunday, March 22, 2009

Piers Akerman

RE today's Insider's appearance: It's like he's divorced from any motivation to appear even slightly objective as a "journalist". The man is a bloated shill for the Liberal party and always has been.

John Laws famously rang a cow bell to indicate his next 49 minutes of rambling was in support of his "Good mates at Toyata" (even though he didn't own one). I think it's only fair Akerman should be forced to tool up 'declared interests' style and admit to what the universe already knows.
But then considering the brain dead barely interested might-glance in the middle on their way to the sports pages average Daily Tellie reader, that still might not be enough.

Still, if he's forced to wear a giant Liberal L around his neck, Scarlet Letter meets Flavour Flav style, that might be a good start.

Akerman, you're a poo stain on Australian journalism.


  1. He's a journalist? In the same way that Miranda Devine, Gerard Henderson, Andrew Bolt and Paul Sheehan are journalists, I guess... i.e. not at all.

  2. Well they are opinionists.

    Check out the lads at Pure Poison for their Readers Digest Condensed versions of Akerman's columns. Hilarious!


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