Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nice one libs

Apparently the alco pops tax got fucked in the Senate. Thanks Liberal party for giving distillers back potentially one plus billion over four years. Well fucking done. Also well done for making lolly water cheaper again for sweet toothed teens to gobble by the truck load then end up convinced their drink was spiked as opposed to a incompus mentus state they achieved from guzzling 12 cruisers in a half hour.

See the story here.

Oh - and a special shout out to Fielding, elected by 1.7% of Victorians, who voted no because he didn't get his own way on sports advertising and wanted to send a message.

Nice one billion dollar message Fielding. Well done. You sure showed them...


  1. If Labor had any principles they would have backed Fielding on the sports loophole. It's ridiculous that it still exists. I don't like Fielding, and he's Labor's punishment for failing to preference the Greens in '04, but he's right on this one.

  2. He may be right in what he wants, but what a way to show it.

    He wants to be a Harradine - which was another religious themed narrow minded arse-hat elected by a tiny section of the community (admittedly ex labor).

    I disagree. Fielding should have blinked on this one. The health stats alone (if question time is to be believes) prove it has had an effect.

  3. At our house, we're calling them Malco Pops


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