Saturday, March 07, 2009

A good work day

A) I worked out how to use excel sort functions to save myself hours of work and completed a report within a working day instead of the three working days it usually takes.

B) I made a humorous impression of the emergency control voice saying there was free chocolate in the foyer (as a means of encouraging people to evacuate). Everyone laughed.

C) I got to listen to the Daily Show while I did data entry.

All in all that's a pretty sweet working day. Saved work, funnies, and top notch entertainment. Go me!

Mind you it was irritating how when I went to catch the late bus I saw it go down the wrong street and not pick me up - therefore stranding me in the boondocks. But Action repaired itself when I called the help line and the nice girl on the other end worked out a way for me to get to a major depot so I could reach home via another bus. So I only lost an hour getting home - and I got to spend it reading a book and listening to my mp3.

I tells ya, public transport rawks! Unless you have one of those fat little mental patients screaming up the front and calling the bus driver a cunt.

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