Sunday, February 01, 2009

A simple joy burst

Down in the dumps? Something ailing you? Life leaving you behind?

Get a new toothbrush. Seriously. Sharp new bristles magically whisking away grot and mouth filth not only leaves your breath fresher, your teeth cleaner - It makes you a tiny bit happier. Like when you start a new bar of soap and you don't have to risk poor sliver control when soaping your pelvic stink sink.

Or just maybe I'm easily joyful


  1. New stationery. Does it for me every time.

    Officeworks is heaven on earth for me.

    BTW, how are you feeling? You've been quiet lately so I assume you've been feeling a bit crappy.

  2. Meanwhile, I think you may find this amusing.

  3. yeah sorry, been feeling tired at nights during the week (and I likes to surf late). It's the second week back at work and I am suffering :(

    Love that story! It's more relief for me than anything else.

  4. stupid work. Gets in the way of everything.


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