Monday, February 09, 2009

God nearly owed me a do-over

I was plodding back from a depressing sesh with the Doc, listening to question time on my Mp3 thingy. This booner chick in her muscle car + kids sped up to the intersection forcing me to walk around her moronic car. I wasn't paying too much attention.

As a result I did not see the monstrously over-sized "no reason for it unless a primary producer of some kind" four wheeled land cruiser roar around the corner and pass me just as I reached the curb.

The speaker currently gracing parliamentary radio was the Vulcan she bee herself, Julie Bishop, trying in vain to express her compassion for the victims of the fires and saying that as her dad was a volunteer fiery that somehow that gave her understanding of it.

Imagine that? Imagine if the last voice I'd heard on earth was Julie fucking Bishop. I think Saint Pete himself probably would have elected to wave me back into a new bod on the strength of it.


  1. It wasn't a hummer, was it? TAMS has informed me there are a few tools in Canberra who own hummers.

    Mind you, if JB had been the final voice you'd heard, I'm sure even the devil himself wouldn't have wished it on you.

  2. A land cruiser something something. It looked Hummer esq!

  3. Please Mikey, don't ever listen to question time while crossing the road. It would be a big enough tragedy if you died, much less if the last voice you ever heard was Julie Bishop!

    Land Cruisers are monsters, and the drivers- if they live in the city- are idiots. There is no place for those things in the city.

  4. Thanks Sarah.

    There is a place ... parked in the driver's arsehole.

  5. There are a few Hummers in Albury. Whenever I see one I make a point of staring at the driver and laughing. I think it's beginning to unnerve one of the drivers, based on the looks he gives me.


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