Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The bus stop

Okay, so I am a white collar person - even though I don't actually wear white shirts and a tie (where the term as I understand it came from). But I have done blue collar jobs in my time (fruit shop / storeman / mail room etc), so I am grounding this in a bedrock of been there done that.

The morning bus crowd were at the bus stop. The usual mob - about ten of us.

This dodgy skinny ancient Elvis looking dude comes along with a leaf blower, blowing crap along the gutter. I think for the most part he was trying to blow away a box lid. Surely it could not have been the dirt and leaf litter since being the outdoors it would only return. He spends excruciating minutes wafting this lid and muck along, soaking the immediate area with the painful whine of his blower and the smoke from its engine and spraying us with dirt from the blowing. Most of us move away from the road to get out of the radius of his noise and dust flurries. He seems oblivious to our discomfort and annoyance.

So the bus comes along. On the road where this guy is standing. The driver to his credit slows down - I presume expecting leaf blower Elvis to clamber onto the curb.


Leaf blower man faced off the bus ... and kept blowing! The bus had to pull around him and we had to walk across the road to get in.

We were all laughing as we got on, shaking our heads, as Elvis faded into the distance - still spinning the box lid down the road.

Fuckstick. Pick it the fuck up.


  1. Heh heh.

    But think about it. When you vacuum have you ever tried to vac something up and it just won't budge, so you pick it up, look at it, then put it back on the ground and try to suck it up again?

    God knows I have.

  2. Yeah ... but he was blowing it!

    Sucking I could understand. But blowing?!

    I secretly enjoy vacuuming up tissue wads. Because they make an exciting THOOOOONK noise when they go up.

  3. I've never encountered some council worker-type dumb or inconsiderate enough to do that... that was just plain rude.

  4. Yes. Sucking is always better. If you're blowing, you're doing it wrong.


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