Monday, February 09, 2009

Area man feels a little validated

In my new area a desk neighbour took suddenly ill and had to have surgery. Within 30 mins of the announcement a whip around had started. Already that's a step up from the old workplace. They were going to go out and buy a card and, even though I was new and still in the 'hey do you mind if I open the fridge' phase of my 'hello world, this is Mikey', I pinged the organiser an email and said I'd make a card via my less than stellar photoshop skills.

They said yes. So I fannied about with an idea, sourced some light card stock and managed to slay the beast that is determing the manual feeder tray for the combo photocopier and printer and get it done.

I signed my handiwork as it went around - typically I choose a cryptic message that is beyond the norms of 'get well' (with thanks for that idea to Phil B who in school selected his year 12 yearbook comment from a snatch of random text from a maths textbook) - and I thought nothing more of it.

Later my boss sent around a group email saying L had received the card + hamper and loved it all. Then my boss went out of his way to ping me to say the card thing was a classic.

It's been so, so long since I've had positive feedback from a manager than it's like he's speaking a different language. I feel like a grimy urchin child given bread by a well meaning Christian stranger and I'm gobbing it as fast as I can before he turns out to be yet another slum dweller abusing turd.

Except he's not. He seems to be a genuinely nice boss, whose not afraid to give constructive criticism (as opposed to nothing to your face but white anting behind your back), and praising where he feels it's needed.

It's a hell of a nice change that's for sure.


  1. As I lamented in my blog a few months back, there is a decided lack of that in Canberra; especially the education department, where everybody is trained to teach children, not manage adults.

    Well done on the 'well done' :-)

  2. Good to hear, Mikey!

    I too have a new boss this year and so far she's great.


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