Thursday, February 19, 2009

20 to 1 Adults Celebrity Scandal Special

1) We were only watching it because the DVD recorder was taping something and we couldn't be fucked slotting in a DVD on the non recorder player

2) How is Bert Newton still mobile after all the chemicals he's had pumped into him?

3) How the fuck do those dodgy Channel 9 stable reprobates think they're any different from the celebs they're hanging shit on? They live in the public eye and I am sure decry the lack of privacy in their lives. Yet, there they are, with their scripted pretend off the cuff commentary about the foibles of public people. Hypocritical fuckwads.

4) How the fuck can Bert Newton chemically sneer at celebrities for their "scandals" when his own kid was convicted of partner beating?

More crap TV from Nine. Thanks Nine. Still the one ... at producing the TV equivalent of a floater.


  1. Point 4- geez, yeah, hypocrisy much? Wow. The fact that the little scumbag got off without a conviction because it would 'hurt his career' is bad enough...

  2. Well he is a celebrity Sarah. Which makes him better than you AND me.

    Got bless our tall poppies.


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