Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well that figures

Tonight, as we were preparing nosh, we noticed our electric fry pan was no longer working. This seemed to be the third failure of an electric fry pan within a 12 month period.

Cursing I was at the quality of such items when we then discovered the fridge light had failed also.

This naturally led to the conclusion the fuse for the circuit the fry pan was on had tripped. Sure enough a trip to the outside fuse box thingy showed the circuit breaker had indeed tripped.

So what could have caused it? Well I suppose it could be the many, many devices we had hanging off that circuit.

Let's see ... fridge, electric fry pan, kettle, TV in the loungeroom, DVD recorder, TV in the bedroom, the computer, the monitor, the printer, the TV in the end room, the video player, the DVD player in the end room, the alarm clock CD combo, the air conditioner in the loungeroom and ... the air conditioner (portable) in the end room.

That be a whole lot of juice being sucked off that one circuit.

So ... printer is off, the video player is off (it's never really used), the alarm clock (it's the holidays - who gives a fuck what the time is), and the air conditioner in the end room is off now.

It hasn't tripped again so I am guessing that too many items thing was the dealio on that one.

It's good to be back home at last. I have a week or so before back to work. Sleep - ah sweet sleep - that is what I will be doing. Last night I got about three hours due to insomnia, heat, and theNoo arcing up with some patented screaming. So when I clocked off and handed over to theWife (we take it in turns in the hols to get him up), I went back to bed and slept until 1 pm.

Ah the holidays. I do love you so.

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  1. I was only gone for three weeks but it feels like months. But in a good way. I feel refreshed and stuff.

    Mind you, the first two weeks were so full-on, work is sweet relief by comparison.

    BTW - picking my modem up from the PO today! Woo hoo!


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