Saturday, January 10, 2009

A walking high?

I walked up this steep mo fo hill and got a buzz from it. I still have it - even though I had to pause half way up to catch my breath and have the spots go from my eyes.

Wait ... no ... I just remembered ... I've had pain killers. I only get an exercise high when I am already doped up the ying yang.

Not much to report. Hols with the folks and bro+fam went well. Hanging out with friends in the mountains at the moment.

We played Digital Trivial Pursuit last night. Instead of cards you have a little hand held LCD question reader device which you download questions to from the internet - with scores of topics to choose from. Totally tits. I will get it.

It's confession time. My body is wrecked, I look like a bug eyed potato man. I am never ever going to set hearts afire on looks alone unless the lady in question has a frontal lobe injury - and then that's a mixed blessing since that's where the moral centre is and she'd likely be a klepto like Winona.

The one thing I have going for me is my brain - which is just a tad better than the average person. A tad. My IQ is nothing to write home about - and if I did my mother would suspect me of having a frontal lobe injury.

When I play Trivial Pursuit, and if it's not my turn and I know the answer, I will burn inside to give a hint to that person. Why? To show the world I know the answer.

How pathetic is that?

I remember once some girl wanted to know if I was a mental defective for the hints thing. You know what, she's right. I am a mental defective. Then, the next day, I walked in on her in the bathroom and her undies were fully bunched up her arse crack. Hah! No connection - I just wanted to say that.

In the mountains second hand places abound. Some are for profit, some are for charity. I just went to a place and got a dozen semi mouldy book efforts for $10. All good stuff - including two lift up books for theNoo.

Fuck e-books, they will never ever replace the real thing for moi.

HM signing off.


  1. i think that e-books are like i-tunes, a nice idea - but you can't hold either in your hands. like buying air.

    i wonder what happened to that knickers-bunched-in-her-arse girl?

  2. She had four kids ... I'm suspecting with that much down there pushing that there'd be some extra fleshy parts bunching out of there too.


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