Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Unpacking error

While the person who owned my desk before me was busy clearing voicemail I was unpacking. We have these kewl use-again file boxes you can restore into flat mode. I had a wedge of flat boxes and was trying to manuever them in sit along the side of the desk.

At that point I caught the edge of the former owner's skirt and flicked it up past her waistband. Only for a moment, though I was mightily embarrassed. It kind of looked like a cardboard themed recreation of Marilyn Monroe's infamous heating grate dress blow up.

Co-workers seem nice. Whilst going through emails from over Xmas I found a gushing praise filled one for the last report we put out. I pinged it, as I do for all feedback (good or bad) to my supervisor (the new one), as an FYI.

Later that day he sent it to the boss++ with a 'well done to Mikey' addendum.

That never happened in the old area.

It feels weird having supportive management who care about your feelings and want to help you. Like the Bizarro friends episode in Seinfeld. I like it ... but it's strange to me.

Speaking of the old area, I contacted P and asked what they wanted to do about an email address box I looked after. Former bosses hadn't gotten back to me on their decision. I recommended keeping it open because it had a store of legacy info and Outlook is easy to search in. Despite dot pointing all the benefits the former bosses said to get rid of it. Why? Because they just don't give a shit and I am guessing it was too much effort for them.

I spent two hours porting across emails and sorting them for them into the main network folder so at the very least the important topic emails were stored away. Why? Because I am a bitch.

No, that's only part of it. I may disagree with their decision, and indeed many of their decisions, but I don't like leaving a task to be done in a crap manner. By at least setting up this legacy information I have given them a record they can draw on if need be. Even if they don't see its value right now.

Hey ... turns out I have ethics ... and shit*

*A shout out to theWife who likes to add "... and shit" after high sounding statements.

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