Monday, January 05, 2009

Twice winged

Stephen King said in On Writing that the prospective writer had to read way more than they write. That they should be constantly reading so as to improve their knowledge of the craft.

He has a point.

However on the hols I typically end up reading non fiction - mostly history or current affairs type stuff. So I am probably breaking the rules RE On Writing. Of course the main rule of On Writing is to actually fucking write - which I am not really doing at the moment. I don't think blogging counts.

Anyway, currently I am reading a book a friend gave me called The Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany by T L Jarman. It was written back in the 50s, but so far it reads well and is an interesting insight into how Nazi Germany came into being given the characteristics of German history and politics that proceeded it, as well as the cultural factors that allowed such an insidious evil to arise.

So I was happily reading away when said tome about the rise and fall of Nazi Germany fell from my grasp ... and planted spine edge down on my left nut.


As noted, I like to yell firsts for the year in the fresh flush of the new year. So in this case first winged nut of the year.

Later, I was rough housing with theNoo. I like to announce to him that I am going to get him, grab him if he gets close, then place him on his back with his head tucked under my chin and tickle the crap out of him.

Naturally he flails as he attempts to get away. It was during this process that his left foot lashed out and ... winged me in the same nut my Nazi history book impacted earlier.

What the hell?!

My poor left nut. It's so, so sore. This may have shades of Godwin, but it seems Nazi Germany is partially responsible for that.

UPDATE: I just realised that the name of the author of my nut seeking Nazi book, Jarman, sounds a bit like Jairmany, which is apparently the pronunciation the infamous Lord Haw Haw of WW2 used for Germany during his inadvertently hilarious propaganda pieces broadcast to the UK. Ah History, why are you so interesting?

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  1. The son of a friend of mine was mucking about with his dad and hit his father in the groin. Then did it again, this time deliberately.

    His father told him to stop hitting him in the "nuts."

    His son's response? "They're not nuts daddy, they're testicles."


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