Sunday, January 04, 2009

Thrill hill de-thrilled

Due to an inadvertent battery drain of the old car, I had to cruise around town and charge it up.

I was cruising around the back end of this here fair burg when I remembered thrill hill.

Thrill hill is at the far end of a large park in a hilly part of town. One side has a gentle slope, the other is quite steep. When I was a teen the trick was to take whatever car you had access to at speed over the crest because you could get it airbourne for a bit before crashing back down for a fairly speedy journey to the bottom.

Once we went over it in a tan 1970s pop up camper van kombi.

My home town lacks spills and thrills so thrill hill was a minor thrill you could enjoy.

So I thinks to myself. Well, I have a car. I need to charge it. I am near thrill hill. Let's gets me a thrill.

Yeah ... it's been a long time between visits for HM and thrill hill. That's when I discovered the council had put one of those slow speed snaking concrete barrier things in to slow your car down to 20 kays an hour before the crest.

Thrill retarding fuckers.

However, from a safety sense, completely understandable.


  1. Just outside Hervey Bay there was this hill called "Ghost Hill". I'm not sure where the name came from but that wasn't the point - the point was that it was dirt AND really steep. Kids used to put their feet on their handlebars and ride down it at great speeds. Needless to say, there was more than one accident with this. But hey, it was before the days of locking kids up because they may get a paper cut.

    Anyway, ever since they put bitumen down, it doesn't seem as steep. My mum reckons it does, but I think she lies.

    That is all.

  2. "My mum reckons it does, but I think she lies."


  3. We had a version of thrill hill where i grew up. It wasn't too thrilling trying to do a hill-start on that bastard hill when i was sitting for my driver's license, let me tell you.

  4. That sucks!

    I failed my first attempt because of goddamned reverse fucking parking.

    Three times...

    But, second time I sat for it, did a perfect RP ... then didn't RP again for a decade.

    Nose in or not at all baby.


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