Thursday, January 01, 2009

NY Ablutions

I like to happily declare when I have done something for the first time that year. 'First Diet Coke of the year!', 'First vomit of the year!' and so forth.

Well, today, I went to the bathroom. And I don't mind saying that I laid the most splendid stool - the first of the year.

It was basically a happy new year bowel movement from my body to me. I practically danced my way out of the toilet zone - feeling fine in the guts for the first time in ages.

In fact ... all year as it turns out.

Yes, I have already had a vomit this year. Not a proper one. Just an ate too much minor regurg.

Been a good day. Hanging with people I love, eating some nice food, it's a nice temperature, theNoo's been really sweet with everyone and mastered the name of the dog. TheWife has a rosy glow to her cheeks. Aw, it's sweet.

Happy 108th birthday Australia, by the way. Hope it was a good one.

Happy New Year to everyone in blogland too.

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