Monday, January 19, 2009

Nut Biscuits

We all have a natural preference for when we sleep. When on holidays I tend to drift into that preference. For me it's from 3 am until around 11 am.

My holidays end this week.

Alas the working world has not caught up to my preference and I am going to suffer sleep deprivation this week as I graduate my return to work. This is going to suck big time.

Still - I get daddy day care tomorrow. Should be fun. As long as he doesn't vomit of course.

I can handle every aspect of baby care - though I admit screaming can get to me - but the vomit ... well ... it's horrible.

Well off to try and sleep. Kind of wish I didn't just shot gun that 375ml can of de-caff diet coke...

UPDATE: Didn't get to sleep before four am I think. Lay there for two and a half hours, marinating in my sweat, dozing in and out and periodically getting up to shake the lizard.

Poor, poor, sweet deluded lizard.


  1. Anonymous3:16 AM

    My sleep deprivation thing came a week late. I went back to work proper last week - now it's the Sunday pre the Monday of my second week and it's 3:15. Go figure.

  2. Is vomiting a routine thing for TheNoo? I would have thought he'd grow out of it... have you talked to a doctor?

  3. He's small for age so when he coughs he can sometimes trigger his vomit reflex if he's eaten something a little too large for him.

    Eyes too big for his tummy!


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