Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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I learned to spell miscellaneous from years of writing up homemade AD&D character sheets. I digress, as ever.

Thai Stir Fries

I saw this in a menu. Shouldn't it be 'Frys' since its a plural of a fry as opposed to the verb of fries? No, according to Dictionary dot com it is indeed Fries as the plural of the noun fry. Huh?! I felt all snootily proud. I will have to de-snoot.


I saw this at a friend's place. You flush it down your lav and it kills tree roots invading your pipes. Only if you break down this here portmanteau, it's made up of root and tox. Except it's not. It's either Roo Tox - meaning it kills roos. Or it's Root Ox - some sort of lubricant for bovine bull lovin'. For shame company that makes this. For shame.

Message from 43 to 44

Apparently tradition is that a departing US pres leaves the incoming pres a handwritten note in the presidential desk (see the National Treasure movies for more). Bush left Obama a note. What's the bet Bush also left a bit of trouser whiff so when Obama opened the drawer he copped a load of Bush's internal monologue. I can totally imagine Bush recounting his "prank" to bizarrely still loyal underlings. 'So you know what I did? I totally let one go in the resolute desk. Heh heh heh.'

God I fucking hate him. Still. And will forever more. He was a tool. Irrespective of suspected presidential desk farting.

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