Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lèse majesté

Turns out that making a vague statement about Thai royalty can land you in the big house for three years.

Holy snapping duckshit. That's fucked up. Yes, I know, cultural sensitivities and all. But I dislike any curbs on free speech, even those on knuckle dragging white supremacists.

Let's hope they don't find out about this post...

The saddest thing is that the book where the offending passages were located was self published and sold like 10 copies. Poor bastard. Next to no sales AND a prison term courtesy of being dobbed in by 10% of his readers.

If you're curious about the concept of Lèse majesté, wiki naturally has an article on it.

UPDATE: For those of you that like igniting things with money, I recommend against using Thai notes. Because the king's pic is on it. Think I'm joking? See the DFAT advisory.


  1. Bloody hell! That poor, poor bastard.

    Stay outta Thailand Mikey, or at least leave your Hammer pants at home ;/

  2. It's fucking ridiculous... the guy's offence had nothing to do with the Thai King anyway, but it seems a convenient way of locking up anyone who insults someone with 'connections'. The government should be encouraging a 'boycott Thailand' campaign or something until they change the stupid law.


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