Sunday, January 25, 2009

Haggard some years on

Some of you may recall Ted Haggard. He was a evangelical of a super church in Colorado whose organsation, and he himself, routinely and piously denounced homosexuality as a sinful choice. His church also organised propositions against the advancement of homosexual civil rights.

Later Haggard turned out to have routinely enjoyed gay sex with a prostitute, including fueling his sexy fire with some crystal meth.

Haggard has since been in counselling and is rebuilding his life elsewhere. This article follows up his progress. What's interesting about the piece is Haggard concede failures in both spirit and viewpoint, and seems to understand now that sexuality has a variance amongst humans rather than black and white. He's still with his wife, and his life circumstances are now much like hundreds of millions of Americans where they struggle to make ends meet.

I admit to some schadenfrude when Haggard was outed when he was. Maybe it's a tall poppies Oz thing? Or maybe it's because it's entertaining when a self righteous denouncer turns out to have been arse deep in that which he was denouncing.

At any rate ... it's a good article and well worth a read.

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