Sunday, January 04, 2009


We were playing UNO and my mum didn't believe me that if the person going out plays a draw card then the person who would have received it still has to pick up and the points go to the winner.
God bless the interweb.

From the official(TM) website here.

Ah, the world wide web. Proving mothers wrong in an argument since the early 90s*.

We do have some house rules however. Stacks on is where you're allowed to play a draw card on top of a just played draw card instead of being a victim and having to draw, with the next person in line having to pick up both that draw value and the value before it. Play on is that you don't have to miss your turn if you pick up cards. If you can play a card after picking up then you can do so.

Both variants for a more fun game
*Even earlier if you were a CERN physicist and arguing physics with your mum.


  1. I love UNO.

    And Oh No 99!

  2. Totally an awesome game.

    There's this excellent scene in 30 Rock where the camera opens on Liz Lemon's apartment. Candles are lit, the lights are dimmed, romantic music fills the air. The camera pans left to show Liz on bed with Floyd playing Uno with Liz playing reverse reverse skip skip wild draw 4 to win.

    Great couples game!


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