Thursday, January 15, 2009


I am on leave and not due to restart in 09 until next week.

However I received an email from P in my old area asking about one of the add on duties I performed in the old area. I offered to go in for an hour and show the poor person, A, who'd been assigned the task how to do it, as well as log her on to the system.

My ex boss+ saw me and A at the computer.

Did he say hello? Did he say thanks for coming in on your holidays? No, he simply sprawled over the partition and grinned saying 'hey A, how would you like to do all the add on admin stuff Mikey did?'

Grin, grin, grin.

Once ex-boss+ left A said to me 'no way. I am new to the job and the youngest person here. How could they expect me to do it?'

Indeed, how could they. Easy, because they're arse hats who have little if any consideration for their staff and think that people are like game pieces that can be moved around a board at whim to perform any and all tasks they could do themselves.

So there you go. None of the management people thanked me for coming in to help out. Not a single one. P of course did, because he is one of nature's gentle people and has a sense of manners.

I asked him as higher ranked person how he had managed to escape being management. He said that he simply had no wish to be like that.

That's something for all of us.


  1. Ah ha!

    Same shit, different city and office and part of the PS.

  2. Is it just the public service? Or is it anywhere where there is a management structure?

  3. I suspect it is everywhere - but moreso in the PS when once upon a time people were promoted due to seniority rather than ability.


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