Friday, January 16, 2009

Fragment (Consider Revising)

Sartorial splendor

While in Woden plaza today, as we neared Wendy's, this old dude walked past us. He was skinny, with a bristly mo, a fedora, a massive empty backpack worn properly, a bright pink shirt, and a deep red bow tie.

Wow. Now that's a memorable figure.


We saw Role Models. What a fully awesome movie. Full marks. Totally worth seeing. They had me at 'Fuck off Miss Daisy".

Deja Vu

I had a burst of the DVs today. My stomach used to lurch and I'd get a momentary blip of unreality when I used to get DV. Now ... nothing.

Something to yell at a group of lawyers

'Show us your torts!'

TheWife didn't think that was funny. You decide.

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  1. Role Models: Oh. My. Fucking. God. Hilarious! "Whispering Eye". That is totally my next over-used insult.


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