Saturday, January 17, 2009

Four days until the world gets a Brazilian

I for one am going to have a happy grin on my face when Bush 43 departs the world's stage.

Check out Bush's dodgy farewell to the world here where he actually highlights the absence of terror attacks in the last seven years as his administration's biggest tick.

Yes ... the last seven years. Except of course this "seven years" selection neatly avoids ... September 11. Bush and his fucked up crew comprehensively ignored intelligence and security advice about the possibility of terror attacks and as such got whacked but good on 911. They were the people in government at the time and as such should wear a chunk of the blame (but not all of it - there were systemic administration issues in intelligence sharing that had built up via organisational stove-piping well before then).

Bush even pointed at the Homeland Security department as a feather in his cap ... except of course he and his administration had originally fought it tooth and nail ... as well as the establishment of the 911 commission which found the systemic failures that led to the AQ fucktards getting through the security net.

George Bush is a shit stain of a president. But he does have one deserved feather in his cap - and no, not AIDs relief in Africa which I am sure any administration would have done - and that is being so unpopular and making his party so on the nose that it enabled the election of a liberal thinker who happened to also be bi-racial.

Welcome to President Obama. And as we told the Ruddster ... don't fuck it up.

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