Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Dead Terrorist Ringtone

Seriously, what sort of fuckwits would actually pay good money to purchase the rights to use said tone? You know what punters, the fact the narrator has to force out a laugh after introducing said tone says it all about the tone on offer and the people they're offering it to.

Dead Terrorist Ringtone people. The world will likely kill you because your mental deficiencies will put you at a disadvantage.


  1. Thing is that Achmed was funny when he was first known to the world...now he's been ruined...sullied...lubed up and had an invasive rectal examination of elephantine proportions.

    Like my spelling - I spent waaay too long editing all of that.

  2. this advert drives me NUTS!
    it's always aired between the naked-lady-best-friends-sleepover screensavers (not the official name) and the partner-tracker.

  3. Totally. Mobile phone ring tone sex ads are visual pollution. They're as bad as clip art.


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