Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bits N Bobs

Guantanamo to close

There's a rash of articles on the web for this - here's a Wash Post one. A good first step from the new president - who recognised that to fight an idea you need people on your side - and evidence of not playing fair harms that.

I'm going for a walk ... I may be sometime

Today I had to have a bit of a Captain Oates experience after having some KFC. I ate it too fast and it got stuck. After yaking bits up for 20 minutes I decided to try and walk it off - sometimes that helps. So with News Radio on my MP3 I marched up and down along the street along the local park, shifting it around, spitting up gobs of semi-digested battered chicken every twenty metres. Finally, victory, I managed to chuck up the rest in one great hit. It looked like chicken salad. Conscious of the gross factor I kicked some dirt over it. Suffice to say it was all very painful and a reminder, nun with a ruler style, that KFC is bad n'kay. Hey, Captain Oates Experience. Good name for a band.

Guaranteed to amuse

All couples spark off each other from time to time. It's from living with another human being. We're not perfect. And I am sure each of us annoys the crap out of the other with a particular bad habit or quirk. For example, even though I fight the urge, I pick my feet and tend to shove drying skin down the side of the couch. Being snitty is another bad habit. But the fun thing is when you have friends round doing impersonations of your partner. For me theWife sounds like theQueen. I don't know why I do that voice for her but it's amusing to one and all. Hooray!

A dream come true

Today I almost literally had a dream come true. I am a huge nerd - I play D&D even though I am in my mid 30s - and a bunch of other RPGs too. I think it's the best fun you can have with people sitting around a table. If you know someone and you've never done it then you should give it a go. Anyway, I have recurring dreams. Being back at high school even though I am gainfully educated - for some reason I seem to be repeating year 12 a lot. Being the gay shopping friend of Katie Holmes for a brief six week period was another. But the most oft repeated dream I had was being in a second hand bookshop and coming across a huge batch of nerd fuel that was being sold for next to nothing.

Here in Canberra, out at EPIC, is being held CanCon - a wargaming convention. Many nerd stalls come to sell to the assembled throng of gamers. I wish third world hot pants cig girls were also selling wares - but rexona instead of death sticks, but I digress. With the release of the execrable fourth edition D&D, many stores are dumping material for old editions. Some of it goes back to AD&D days.

A and I arrived at 11ish and went to the first stall through the back entrance. Beneath a table were several stacks of 1st ed through 3rd ed D&D product - along with other games. There was a sign. $1-$5 per book. I grabbed a stack of stuff, with my saved up pocket money, and discovered I could get twice as much because any softcover was $2 and hardcovers were $5.

I dropped $70 on books today. And came back with two green bags chockers with stuff. I had a full body high for the longest time. I nearly cried at one point. And I got to buy stuff with A whose one of my favourite fellow nerd travellers. Alas no Traveller material there, some dude in the queue beat me to it.

CanCon also made me feel fit. Because even though many Xs appear before my L in shirt land, there was a vast horde of more enumerate X people than me. I felt ... normal.

Oh - turn up for the books. One of the Ronnie Johns show performer / writers was there. Turns out he's a gamer nerd. Go celebrities being like me.

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  1. So all-in-all - all kinds of awesome!

    You would love bookfest. Booknerd heaven. *daydreams about last weekend*


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