Monday, January 05, 2009

Area shoe maker's elf sucks balls

My parents like to play Freecell. It's cute. I think my mum is trying to work her way through all 40,000 games. She's up to like 801.

Last night I noticed she still had a game open. So I completed it for her.

Tonight, again, a game left open.

I thought - 'aw, I can do that again for her! It would be just like the shoe maker's elves.'

Well, not just like. More akin. Since I'm A) not an elf and B) not making shoes from materials left on a counter. Oh, and C) my mum was a journalist / teacher, not a shoe maker.

Still, isn't that sweet of me?

Only ... I just fucked the game up and had to re-attempt it. Which means mum's stats are now one poorer in the lose column.

Bod/Al, don't narc me out.

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