Monday, January 26, 2009

And how did you spend Oz day?

Personally I agree with Mick Dodson, and congrats man on being Ozzer number 1 for 2009, and we should have a different day for this - say Jan 2 to celebrate federation or something. But I'm still human and I enjoy public holidays.

Naked displays of the flag and Ozzie this and Oi that have been kind of sullied for me - thanks to those Cronulla fucksticks (both sides of the "debate") from some years back. In fact I never really took Oz day to heart anyway. I did as a kid dress up for the costume parade, and actually won the town event three years running. Though I suspect my mum being a journo for the town helped sway the judges' minds (not that she asked for it, I guess they simply sycophantically decided it might play well with her).

We were meant to have a BBQ with our good northside friends but theNoo's cold precluded that. So instead today was spent A) sleeping in (theWife took on the early morning stint bless her specially crafted socks I am not allowed to use), B) watching DVDs and taped TV, C) eating plastic Nachos, and D) Lammos.

So the only Ozzer specific part was D) I guess.

Anyway, Jan 26. This day, some 220 years ago (that right?), 12 ships pulled into Sydney with the intention of solving a penal dilemma.

I think that's kind of neat - since it sounds a bit like penis.

The ships pulled in and Australian Aboriginals would never ever be the same again. Their semi-nomadic primitive communistic culture was dead on the table. Poor fuckers. Here's to hoping both reconciliation and infrastructure development helps fix some of what got broken.

I read something recently, not sure where, about how some Australians feel that they shouldn't have to pay to fix the mistakes of the past when it comes to Aboriginal Australia. It wasn't me, so why should I pay?An indigenous Australian, I forget who, had a simple counter argument. If you are the beneficiary of Aboriginal Australia's loss - then surely you have a responsibility to try and do something to help.

Couldn't agree more.


  1. I say let us become a Republic and celebrate it then.

    I'm not too keen on an early January date to be honest. But frankly I don't celebrate Australia Day in solidarity with Aboriginal people.

  2. PS Hope the Noo is better.

  3. Crikey had a bunch of good suggestions. I think it was them.

    I agree with you that the best day would be the anniversary of when we became a republic.

    TheNoo is much better. His nose is still running happy trails however.

  4. It's called Centrelink.

    Tell me I'm wrong.

  5. Well Duckus I'd argue you're wrong. Poverty is endemic to Aboriginal Australia as a result of settlement patterns, years of official abuse and well meaning meddling, now drip down welfare.

    There's no ready answer. There's no silver bullet. And you can't disenfranchise a segment of the population from welfare based on their genetics.

    But given education, wealth levels, and life expectancy for Aboriginal Australians is markedly less than other cultural groupings then clearly there's a long way to go.

    Private - local partnerships seem to work well. Except the mining boom just fizzed so adios that I suspect.


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