Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A stationary related MM

I've been doing some mailing today and ever since A moved desks, and took our envelopes with him, I've been raiding C's.

It was the third bout of my envelope pilfering, and I felt the need to go beyond a simple thank-you.

'Thank you for allowing me to access your treasured envelopes ... ' I started, somewhat grandiosely.

I then paused.

' ... oh wait, that just sounds wrong.'

You know - it didn't sound wrong until really, I said it sounded wrong.

Then it sounded very, very wrong indeed.

Later, my boss was headed to dump off old CD towers at the resource room dumping shelter (which has signs against dumping desk tat which everyone ignores).

I couldn't help myself.

'Nice R ...' I started. Then stopped, holding off joining R to Ack, Sesame Street style.

But, I burst out laughing and stopped her. 'I nearly said nice rack!' I blurted at her. Thus saying it anyway, but taking it down a notch from creepy to just stupid.


  1. Was just reminded. Went past a lingerie shop the other day and they had a "rack sale" on.

    Wish I was able to take a photo. Sigh.


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