Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Punked out

I'm moving area within my org soon, and spending my time packing etc and getting ready for the shift.

A while back I volunteered to perform an admin oversight role. It sits separate to normal chain of command. Basically it's to make sure people do the right thing the right way.

I noticed a senior member of the org was not doing the right thing the right way and called him on it. He gave some sort of whiny 'I thought it was legit' excuse - which clearly was not the case (I even sent him the link). But rather than cause a fuss I said that I would authorise a temporary rescinding of the rules to accommodate him in this case (and I do not have the power to do that). Provided he emailed the residents of the immediate area of the building to let them know.

His response?


Seriously. He sent back an email with NO in uppercase then proceeded to tell me how he wanted it done - to advise people via their team leaders instead of a broadcast email.

I was pretty pissed off. It was a direct affront not only to my authority but a slap in the face of the generous offer I had made to break the rules essentially to accommodate him.

My boss+, whom I attempted to enlist to fix this, did nothing. Even when I went into his office and asked. Nothing. I don't know why I expected anything different.

So instead of reading this senior person the law, or even resigning from the role and telling the relevant admin authorities what this person had done, I punked out and sent said communication to team leaders only.

I figure I am gone soon. No need to rock the boat and so forth. But ... I punked out and didn't have the stones to stand up for the role. I hate myself for that.

But I especially hate the management of this section I am leaving for their asking me to perform a role then not giving me any support when I attempt to do it. It's pathetic. No wonder no one wants to fucking do it when I go.

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