Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I love my toilet shelf

Recently we bought one of those metal frame over the toilet shelving things. We've put books and mags on it. When you're seated you can reach up over your head, feel around like a blind man meeting someone for the first time, grab a tome, and pull it on down for a read whilst waiting for some movement in your movements.

As an IBS of the stuck kind, it can often be a while.

Anyway, lately I've noticed an additional benefit of the toilet shelving.

When I eat I like to have an empty bladder. The same goes for awesome TV - not that I am eating it, when I am watching it. The TV - not the bladder. Indeed I can remember being so excited watching Buck Rogers in the mid 80's that my dad screamed at me for going to the toilet in every ad break. He thought I had a urinary problem. Uh-ah - just low grade OCD.

So it's often the case that when I am on the way to the study, with a delish meal in hand, I want to go potty so I achieve bladder empty before tummy fill happens. But then you have the whole backtrack problem of taking the meal to the study, then returning to the lav - or leaving the meal in the kitchen, then returning for it, and so forth.

But not any more - check it out. Toilet shelving can be used ... to host my meal while I go pee pee.

Sure it's weird having a tinkle whilst looking at the food you are about to receive but still, no back tracking. And I still wash my hands and all - and I carry the plate on the underside to avoid finger curl on the plate rim before said hands are clean.

Yes, toilet shelving. The storage solution that keeps on giving.

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