Monday, December 22, 2008


I am a hatman. I don't mean that I am made of hats, or have hat based super-powers (which, let's face it would be pretty pissweak as far as powers went unless your opponents all wear hats and one of your sub powers of the hat themed powers is to lower the brim of other hats over people's eyes. It a hat dominated society, like America in the 1950s, I could see that would be of benefit however).

I wear hats. Or a hat. A baseball style hat for the most part - and have done for years. Ever since I started to bald. That's not a concealment thing by the way. I don't care that people know I bald. I just don't want scalp cancer. So I wear a hat.

My prime hat of choice is my Alma Mater hat - my first uni. Sure, it's grubbed up. But it's iconic. It's part of me.

The other day theWife and I went to the movies. When I left my old uni I became a life member of the union - the student's association. The kewl thing is that the card was photo ID, stamped with the Uni's logo, and has no expiry date. I often use it to get student discount.

Yes, I know, that's borderline dodgy. But well no harm in trying.

So I flashed the card at the girl at the movie counter. Then decided to accentuate the card's power by pointing upward at my hat.

'You know,' I said. 'As per my hat!'

I made a click click noise, like they do in the movies.

Cue incomprehension from counter girl.

'Um,' said thewife. 'You're not wearing that hat.'

Yes, I'd decided to leave my uni hat at home and wear my Chinglish Canberra one instead.

Nice one mimo. I especially like the clicking.

Holiday going okay so far. Severe gut pain, sleeping lots, dosed up on pain meds but ... otherwise ... having fun.

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  1. Best of the festive season to you Mikey.

    I hope your guts give you a break.


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