Thursday, December 04, 2008

Good old News Ltd

They're still holding the flame high for their vanquished preferred party of choice.

I heard Glenn Milne being interviewed on ABC News Radio this morning. The snitty Milne complained that the comparison of the sins of Gillard Vs Bishop were manifestly unjust.

I'm paraphrasing here but Milne whined that 'Gillard left 800 million out of her calculations for supporting IT infrastructure needed for the computer provision for schools and all Bishop did was forget to provide footnotes.'

The IT issue is a contentious one I admit. Although the States response has been the equivalent of a 17 year old being given a car from their parents then chucking a massive tanty when they've found out they'll have to pay for the running costs. It's a bit rich. The states don't have to accept the computers - and being states they're sticking their hands out for more dosh for the simple fact 'why not?' - the worst the Feds can do is say no. They'd be dumb not to milk the feds, after years of having Federal funding reduced in real terms from Howard middle class giveaways. Milne of course made it out that Gillard was personally responsible for an egregious error in budgeting when in fact it was a reasonable cost overrun given the complexity of the issues involved.

Bishop on the other hand has been caught out time and time again as a plagiarist. Not forgetting to add in footnotes. Lifting entire slabs of someone else's work and not providing accreditation to the point that the inference is the work is her own.

Considering she had the Education portfolio this is especially hilarious.

Of course facts don't matter to Milne et al. It's the interpretation of the facts that counts. The Oz is after-all not a paper of record - ie objective factual journalism. It's a behaviour modification inducer - influencing the government of the day to bend to the will of the corporation proper and business in general, because it's the latter that buys their paper and, more importantly, buys ad space.

We're all whores in our own way. I just dislike self important whores whose job is to be a little less whorish and more honest and who do the opposite.

Nice one Milne.

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  1. Oh you heard it too! I was sputtering... how that little twerp still has a job is beyond me. If I hadn't heard him introduced I'd have thought it was an opposition front-bencher.


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