Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chasing the tortise

Exercise and I have never really gotten on. When I was about nine I think I kissed sport adios courtesy of water on the knees. That, plus eating an entire block of cheese, Homer style, in one hit (once) + four rounds of honey toast each arvo after school, ballooned me into the man I have become. I've essentially been obese - in various gradations of porkery - ever since puberty.

The only physical activity I ever enjoyed was squash. Then I played Beve's friend G, one of those arse hats that's good at everything even though he's done it like once, and his method of playing to win made it less fun for me (forcing me to run around the court).

I remember reading an article about the governator about his childhood in Austria where he got so hard core about training he actually broke into the Gym on a Sunday so he could train. I also remember the article saying he got an actual endorphin rush off lifting weights.

Pshaw I said. A rush - from exercise ?! As fucking-if. I believe such as thing does not exist.

Well, this may sound a bit like a Oscar vehicle movie of a housewife, whose marriage dissolution, whether by a walk out or death,
caused a sexual awakening, but I think ... I had ... an exercise rush.

I power walked to the shops, listening to Discography (which is an excellent walking to album), and about 2/3 in I started to feel blissed out. Sure, I admit that I was also high on pain killers (I've had three today), but I wanted to keep going. I power walked around the shops fetching items then, standing in the express queue, bounced up and down to maintain some sort of movement. Then power walked out of the shops and back along the winding paths home.

I didn't even mind the incline bits. I kind of sailed up them. Area euphoria continued. Indeed, if I had not had to get cold stuff back home to the fridge, I think I would have kept going.

So, there you have it. I am on the north side of mid 30's, hated exercise all my life, am basically the shape of a misshapen potato, but I think I had ... for the first time in my life ... an exercise high.

Go me. I'm the fat little engine that could.


  1. Heh, well done! I'm not sure that I've ever had the exercise endorphin rush (apart from just generally feeling better/healthier/more virtuous for having done it)... but then again I don't think I've ever exercised hopped up on pain meds either!

  2. Actually I think it was the pain killers :(

    The next day I really pushed it and all it did was hurt. And I didn't have any pain killers.

    So ... QED :(


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