Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bog watch III

I'm a bog watcher, in the sense I check that my leavings have left.

Tell me arm chair psychs out there. Is it disturbing that when I just checked said leavings that my first thought was 'wow, my turd fully looks like my cock.'?

I'm going to have a punt on a yes ...

Then, is it icing on the disturbing cake that I went and told the world about it?

God bless blogging, everyone.


  1. Mate - you are obviously a disoriented german. Having lived there for a very long time I came to appreciate the subtle pleasure of checking before flushing.
    see attached

  2. Ha! Well, I hope it was a, erm, particularly nice-looking turd... Was this one too disturbing to share with TheWife?

  3. Nah, as far as turds go it was nothing to write home about ("Dear Mother, you would not believe the most splendid ablution I made in potty today...").

    Just looked a bit like my cock is all.


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