Thursday, December 18, 2008

Almost there ... stay on target

Still packing at work. Shifting to the new office shortly. People keep coming past to see how the packing is going. Or rather they walk past and ask how it's going, since I am on an arterial route through the work stations and they're doing that polite small talk thang.

And I am glad to be going. I needed a change, which was compounded by having a job I enjoyed. This way I get the change, still have my kewl job, and I can make all those corrections and changes I wanted that were fucking cock blocked by some in the previous management chain (not usually through not liking them - just through complete inaction).

Another wonderful thing about packing is that it can force you to decide what to keep and what to chuck.

And then again ... sometimes you keep the same stuff. I still have a manilla folder of "office art" that us drones from the mail registry made using the photocopier, scissors, and sticky tape from over 10 years ago, that's been dragged from desk to desk.

What can I say? It makes me laugh every couple of years I open the folder. Usually as a result of moving desk.

This makes my ... let me work this out ... ninth desk move since my time in the public service. That's right ... nine times.

Ed Rooney eats it.

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