Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oops for the numerologists out there

Um ... why isn't numerologist spelled numberologist? Why drop the b?

Anyway, today Man Hands laid his hands on me twice. Happy pats they were. I think he's just a touch giving dude. Of course the vigorous tummy rub was a touch too far, but still. His heart's in the right place I think.

Today he showed me a purchase from his Xtian book club or shop or what have you.

Here's a picture.

He seemed very proud of his purchase.

The choice of 444 seemed a little strange for the total number of quotes selected.

Then I realised.

444, rounded up, is the same as 0.666 * 666.


Can that be a coincidence? I suggest area Christians scope out the bona fides of Ms Bunn in case she's playing for the other team*

*Not that she's same sex preferred. But rather possibly a follower of the dark one. Though of course she could be same sex preferred and/or a follower of the dark one. Whatever floats her boat shoes mandatory evil boat.


  1. And why not 777? Isn't 7 supposed to be the number of God?

  2. Um ... not according to wiki

    But there was a Christian show named that apparently.

    Um ... clearly not about God.

    I think God would like this one


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