Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Low beam

I am an ice cruncher. When I get a drink with ice in it, I will suck a cube into my mouth, roll it around, then inevitably bite it in half. I know, it's a dumb thing to do. I do it - get over it.

Today, in mid crunch, a sliver of ice escaped from my mouth. It fell into my top left pocket. My MP3 was in there, I'd bought it along so I could listen to the election results on the radio when out of the movies, so I frantically fished around in the pocket for the ice chunk lest it damage my electronic goodness.

In my haste I accidentally iced my man nip through the pocket wall as I kept gripping the slippery sucker and scooped it up from bottom to top of the inside of the pocket before losing my grip and having to repeat.

As a result I got a low beam. My man nip half puffed up from the cold. I felt like the karaoke equiv of a manpower man, doing some amateur strip work and going the icy nip before taking to the floor ("more man to love baby").

Suffice to say I cupped my booby for a bit until depuffing occurred.

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