Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Area man undermines his manliness

At work I tend to volunteer for things. Yes, I have learned my lesson. Never again will I take a step forward when others take a step back.

One thing I volunteered for was assisting with admin stuff. By and large it means granting access to things, filing, signing off on forms, witnessing docs and so forth.

On occasion I deal with more unusual activities. Recently a senior slot changed hands. When someone has a combination safe the combo has to be changed since the new person can't have the old combo since the old person knew what it was.

Yep ... it fell to me to try and change it.

I've never changed a safe combo in my life. But the instructions seemed straight forward enough. So I gave it the old college try.

Only ... I stuffed it up and now a lock smith has to come in to fix it.

In an office environment that's about as unmanly as having to call NRMA to come and change your tyre.

Girls can get away with that. Guys can't. Even metrosexual ones like Thorpie.

That's an idea for a new product line for Thorpie to foist on his Japanese admirers. Bejewelled tyre irons. I can just imagine paddle foot, a string of Thorpie pearls gracing his neck, smiling as he applies his wonder iron to the nuts of a tyre.

Go Thorpie.


  1. I'm fairly certain that Thorpie has applied his wonder iron to many nuts and tyres.

  2. Now now, we know he's had a girlfriend.

    Her name was Beard...


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