Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The "Opportunity"

Today I was told that later that morning there would be a meeting. A meeting involving acting boss+ (who is really my boss), the actual boss+, and the boss++.

A meeting with me ... to discuss ... an "opportunity".

Now, I don't know about you lot, but I have worked in the white collar world some 10+ years. And I know spin. And I know that the O word is oft used to disguise, much like glitter on a turd, something unpleasant.

So naturally I started freaking out. Like Homer in the Land of Chocolate Episode.

Horst: Homer, could we have a word with you?
Homer: No.
Horst: I must have phrased that badly. My English is how you say...inelegant. I meant to say may we have a brief, friendly chat?
Homer: No!
Horst: Once again I have failed. (Reading from a German-English phrasebook) We request the pleasure of your company for a free exchange of ideas.
Homer: (Yelling) No!

Yep, pretty much like that. Acting boss tried to talk up the O part, including gesticulations at photos of my child with advice along the lines of 'you need to embrace the O ... for him.'

Anyway, I headed into said meeting with trepidation. Needless to say my spider sense tingle went up a notch when they closed the door (never a good sign in the office environment).

The end result was that they'd had a think about my role in the org and decided my role didn't belong to them.

So ... I've been traded. Me, my job, the stuff I need to do the job, gets uplifted, moved within the agency, and dropped like a bastard baby in a basket at someone else's doorstep. They offered to let me stay, but the job I love would go without me. The stuff that remains in the current workplace is all boring arsed policy reporting time business, so no thanks to that.

In the new year I start over thar.

The worst thing is am no longer working with A, my awesome co-worker who shares the same leftist tinge as moi, and will happily co-rant about fucked things right wingers do. He's good value. Probably one of the best people I've ever had the pleasure to work with in my time in the workforce. I will also be working with unknown types, and I have a feeling that despite my mid 30's status, I will be one of the younger people there.

I will also have to walk to the shops to catch the bus in the morning :( - which means less sleep for me. Yar boo sucks the hairy hun on that one.

But ... the stupid thing is. Way back when boss+ was here I had told him that in reality my job belonged elsewhere. And after percolating that idea, he activated it. And I bet my shiny fucking unlost groat that he dressed it up as his idea.

Well ... these things happen. What can you do? My agency is spread across a couple of different localities. I have never, until now, worked anywhere but the place I work. So it's a different environ for me.

I hope I swim and not sink.

On a side note I discovered something that amused me. Buckwheat, my Neanderthalish baby with the one eyebrow from a year or so past, has moved sections herself. Buckwheat has issues with people who are not of her anglo culture and/or sexuality.

She's now working in the personnel area... in minority recruitment.

Tee hee hee

End result is - of course - it was not an opportunity. I mean there was "choice" in what they were offering, but an opportunity is a positive thing. Not a sideways lateral transfer.

Oh - just remembered another bad thing about the move. My filing in the past X years has consisted of opening a cupboard, chucking paper in it, then slamming the door before it cascaded back out. I will have to file it properly before I go.


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