Thursday, July 17, 2008

The joys of being clippered back

Once upon a time I was a pony tail man. It wasn't a good pony tail. And being overweight naturally I got likened to the Comic Store guy.

Then I noticed a bald patch started appearing - looking like a vine covered cave entrance with my long stringy pony tail hair - so after a while of watching it expand over time I decided to get it all cut off for my brother's wedding.

So I went from arse long hair to a number 4 I think.

It was weird seeing all that hair I had lovingly grown for four or five years ribbon to the ground, but once it was off I have to admit it felt good. Gone were the days of your hair being damp for hours after a shower. And you could rub your head dry in seconds. It was a nice change.

I've been a clipper back person ever since. I let it grow until it gets annoying, then get a 4 or 3 to pare it back.

Yesterday I got a three. The lovely cutter wanted to do small talk but in truth I hate small talk so I just gave yes/no responses. Finally it was all done and it actually made me feel better.

Plus, for those people that scale watch, you lose weight! Not much but still it's something.

Anyway I bounded into the Hyperdome like a newly shorn sheep then happily drove home.

It's funny how a little thing like having a haircut can perk up your mood.


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  2. Wow - I had like full anti spam protection and he still got through.

    Fuckwits. Has anyone ever bought anything in the history of blogging from a blog spam robot?

  3. Gawd imagine having to come up with all that crap about a bookcase, sorry a media storage composition.

    I came home with a number 2 way back when the geek and I hadn't been together very long. He got a shock the poor love.

    The little things do make a difference (I sound like a Birdseye ad). I got some nice blue sheets today, quite chuffed.

  4. Yeah the spammers still get through word veri- damn them.

    And having short hair *does* feel nice- especially how quick and easy it is to dry it... I'm no good at hairdresser small-talk... I admire the skill they have in small talk and wish I had the same, but it always peters out after a few minutes and I spend the rest of the time watching the activity of everything behind me in the mirror.

    Oh and if there's no medical reason for you to be scale-watching, put it away. People are always beating up on themselves for putting on half a kilo in a day and rubbish like that, when the truth is a big drink with dinner will do it. Keep up the walking, eat plenty of filling, healthy food and get your wife to measure you with a periodic 'hug test' instead :)


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