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Convicted pederast Ferguson is fearing for his life because of a whipped up hysterical local community going ape-shit that he's near TEH CHILDREN, despite the fact he's hosted by a charity and under protection.

Ferguson had charges dropped on child sex charges a little while back because the judge said he wouldn't get a free trial.

Why? Because of rabid hysteria whipped up by media elements who instead of reporting the fucking news decided it's more profitable to try and create it instead.

The man is scum. He's a convicted pederast for fuck's sake. But he's done his time, and because of the shock jock element that has riven commercial media in this country, he can't get a free trial.

Ferguson is the test of justice. He is the canary in the coal mine of the legal system. The system must work for all, even the shittiest members. He's a free man and he's entitled to be free as a result of protections all of us enjoy.

Driving him from town to town isn't going to solve the problem. Hysterical 'won't someone please think of the children' protests in every place isn't going to fix anything. Unless they are hoping he's going to top himself or something. I doubt that's going to happen.

This is from today's Crikey.

Memo to the Today Show and the Carbrook lynch mob
Greg Barns writes:

The Today Show has a responsibility -- having given this morning ample and sympathetic coverage to the lynch mob of Carbrook which is protesting against convicted s-x offender Dennis Ferguson being in their community -- to remind viewers of some vital facts that could help to prevent the murder or at least infliction of a serious assault on Dennis Ferguson.

Mr Ferguson has had his trial on s-x abuse charges permanently stayed by a Queensland District Court judge Hugh Botting last week, because of an avalanche of highly prejudicial media and political coverage which has made it impossible for Mr Ferguson to get a fair trial. Now the Queensland government is providing Mr Ferguson with accommodation in an isolated house in Carbrook on the outskirts of Brisbane.

The vigilantes of Carbrook are out in force, even producing a hangman’s rope last night at a public meeting in which Queensland Police Minister Judy Spence gave new meaning to the phrase ‘entering the lion’s den.’

The views of Carbrook residents, given airplay this morning by the Today program, are simply, let’s not mince words here, ignorant and hysterical.

Why doesn’t the Today Show assist in seeking to eradicate the lynch mob mentality of Carbrook by laying facts, rather than emotion, on the table?

And what are these facts?

Well, for starters, the rate of re-offending by s-x offenders is low, between 5 to 14 percent -- it is 50 percent in the case of property crimes. As one of the world’s leading researcher in this area, Karl Hanson from Public Safety Canada observes, "The observed rate of s-xual offenders' recidivism is much lower than commonly believed."

Dr Hanson’s comments are borne out by an exhaustive recent study conducted in Florida which showed that communities wrongly think s-x offender recidivism rates are about ten times higher than they are in reality.

Second, it is far more likely that child s-x abuse crimes will be perpetrated by a member of the victim’s family than by a stranger.

Thirdly, if a community or individual wants to increase the possibility that a s-x offender will re-offend, then destabilising their mental state will do the trick. The lynch mob of Carbrook is behaving in just such a way towards Mr Ferguson.

One hopes that the Channel 9 Today Show will tomorrow educate its viewers, rather than simply repeating what they did this morning, which was to expose the unseemly and distasteful conduct of some of the citizens of Carbrook last night.

It is time the media stopped egging on ignorance and prejudice.


  1. Mikey: Convicted pederast Ferguson is fearing for his life because of a whipped up hysterical local community going ape-shit that he's near TEH CHILDREN, despite the fact he's hosted by a charity and under protection.

    Yes. What have TEH CHILDREN to fear from a pederast. I (like Mikey and the court) say fuck the children.

    As everyone knows charities have such a great record when it comes to harbouring pederasts. It's good he is being protected though. Why protect all those whiney kids when there are pederasts to protect.

    Ferguson had charges dropped on child sex charges a little while back because the judge said he wouldn't get a free trial.

    You mean he doesn't have to pay for his own trial?? Hell, why bother with a trial. If everybody thinks he is guilty then he must be set free.

    Oh, and as to those facts: Second, it is far more likely that child s-x abuse crimes will be perpetrated by a member of the victim’s family than by a stranger.

    That proves it then! Children unrelated to the pederast have nothing to fear. Absolute fucking genius, eh?

    The courts have admitted they have no way of dealing with this pervert's new crimes. So as far as they are concerned he is set free to re-offend. When the justice system so clearly fails the people is it any wonder they react with outrage?

    The sickest thing of all this is all the special pleading for the child-molester, understanding him, not upsetting his equilibrium and yet there is absolutely no understanding why the people who have to live in fear of this monster might be concerned.

    In short your post and the sources it quotes shows everything wrong with leftists. They are with the sick demented pervert everytime, and bugger TEH CHILDREN.

  2. Let me respond with a slight alteration;

    "It is time SB stopped egging on ignorance and prejudice."

    I'm not siding with a pederast. I'm siding with the fairness of the justice system. Screaming knuckle dragging burn the witch/brown people/criminals/monsters types such as yourself who demand special worse treatment before the law for some and not all are a threat to justice for all.

    You sir are your own fucking slippery slope.

    And I find it ironic that someone who bleats about charities harbouring pederasats is a Catholic given the rank abuse your organisation commited and covered up.

  3. Mikey: I'm siding with the fairness of the justice system.

    Only a leftist would call "fair" a justice system that provided no mechanism for bringing to justice a notorious pederast.

    Fucking hell Mikey, your standards are slipping. The Crikey piece is all emotional claptrap and no logic at all. What is the value of the statistical unlikelihood of re-offending worth in the case of a child-molester who has actually re-offended? What is the value of saying that pedophiles mainly attack family when this guy is a serial pedophile with an extensive list of victims.

    Justice Botting is worse than stupid. His priors include the following:

    In April 1993, he suspended a four-year jail term against a 28-year-old man who admitted to sexually assaulting his ex-fiancee's 23-month-old daughter.

    In sentencing, the judge said the child would show no long-term problems as a result of the attack despite suffering a third-degree tear from her vagina to anus.

    Why is this idiot still on the bench? Clearly the legal system has failed the vulnerable people it is supposed to protect. It has however, been very caring and lenient on the perverts.

  4. Okay so what's your issue here then? That a man who has done his time had other new charges dropped because of media hysteria now doesn't get a day in court because of it?

    It's a fundamental legal protection - the right to a fair trial. It works for everyone. It worked for him

    The man is a shitstain of a human being. He's entitled to legal protection.

    You're siding with vigilante fuckwits that would seemingly all be too willing to lynch him from a tree if they could get away with it.

    The same way jews were, blacks were, gypsies, aboriginals etc etc etc.

    Justice is protection for all. Including those who might not deserve it but get it nonetheless.

    Justice is not 1000 screaming idiots with placards whipped into a tabloid frenzy in a repeat of the same hysteria the UK experienced over the same issue in the mid 90s.

  5. What sort of legal system says "You are so notorious you can't be prosecuted." He can now do what he likes and he knows he won't have to face a trial. What kind of genius legal system is that. Do ya think it might be letting victims (including future victims) down a tad? Do you think his neighbours might now be burdened with taking extra precautions knowing he is in the vicinity, with no prospect of being held to account for anything he might do, or do you think they shouldn't have the right to know?

    Maybe just a skerrick of your outrage could have been reserved for the effective immunity from future prosecution the Botting judge has given him?

  6. He hasn't got effective immunity. It was a combo of affected media outrage, let's bash the paedo, and sketchy evidence.

    Who is to blame for the media outrage SB? Where's your blame for them? Where's your standing up and saying that the 4th estate has to be circumspect in its reporting so the accused has a fair trial.

    You know why people have to say alleged SB? It's so that the media can't condemn them as guilty before the trial.

    Sure this has come smack bang into tech changes where SMS, the internet, talk back radio and so forth makes it harder but still they have a duty of care to the community not to distort justice and they failed.

    So. Let's hear you about that SB.

    Surely those not yet guilty have a chance for a fair trial. Or does that only apply to people you approve of.

    He's a shit of a person. He's still a person. He got denied a right to a fair trial not because of what he did but because what others did.

    So blame the others SB.

  7. The reason he wasn't tried because a fuckwit judge decided that a properly instructed jury couldn't be trusted. To the extent you blindly accept that decision, you are in the same category.

    That outcome is unacceptable. What do you tell his victim - Oh sorry we are not going to prosecute? The judge in this case is a much bigger problem than the pederast. He's fucked up before and he's done it again.

    You just you think you are morally superior to people angry that they have to deal with this (now immune from prosecution) pervert living in their midst.

    The fact is you are just another leftist elitist unable or unwilling to understand why other people think differently and just dying to dish intemperate dirt on people who are angry for good reason. The legal system has fucked up and left the problem to this dropkick's neighbours and Mr High & Mighty lefty from Canberra can think of nothing better than to sink the slipper into the people being dicked over by the justice system. If the pervert attacks one of their kids next week no doubt the Botting judge will again rule he can't be punished.

    the reason the left hates ordinary working people is because they are immune to the inverted logic that passes for leftist thought.

  8. Wow man, what a barely articulate lump of logic lacking rage.

    How dare I consider the right to a free trial is a fundamental human right.

    Damn me and my lefty eliteness.

    Sometimes protections inherent in the law mean that bad people can take advantage of it.

    That's the price we pay. That's the price I'm willing to pay.

    Government works best when all arms balance each other. Not the executive alone deciding on what should be done and how it should be done.

    And certainly not a gang of hysteria whipped up placard wavers who'd gladly bring back non judicial lynching of varmints.

    Why don't you go to Queensland and join them SB. I'm sure they'd welcome you with open arms. While you're there you can tell them about how groovy gitmo is and how Muzzies are here to get us.

    You're a stand up guy.

  9. By the way SB, I was at a court house once where later proved to be murderers were being bought in after an arrest. The crowd was ugly. They hanged nooses from signs. The cops had to protect the murders from the crowd who very well could have turned on them and taken the law into their own hands.

    And it was fucked. It was horrible. Mob justice is not justice.

    But then justice and you don't really have a history do they.

  10. I'm not supporting mob justice, but the deal is that citizens forego lynch mobs and the state provides the necessary justice. In this case it has manifestly failed and a lot of people are frightened. Their fear will not be calmed by have the really stupid and irrelevant arguments (like those you quoted from Crikey) shoved down their throats.

    The families living in his street are between a rock and a hard place, but all the left can do is to go into bat for the pervert. Sickening.

  11. I didn't go into bat for a pervert. I went into bat for the concept of a fair trial.

    I guess we've reached an impasse SB since we ain't going to agree with each other. What with me being a leftist Canberra living elite and all.

    Nice spray of invective mate. Kudos. You did very well.

  12. Nice spray of invective mate. Kudos. You did very well.

    Of course the same applies to your post and comments. You know you love it.

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