Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Fox Po from HM

Today whilst washing my hands at work I noticed in the mirror there was a light grease stain on my shirt around the pec area. Annoyed, I rubbed at it ... with my soaking wet hand. This naturally soaked my shirt around the nipple area.

I then walked into the meeting. Without thinking I loudly apologised for lactating.

Fucking hell.

Then, when they said Boss++ was going to be away I suggested we have a Mexican theme in her absence.

'With ponchos and sombreros and nachos and ...'

At that point I trailed off since everyone was staring blankly at me.

Finally someone mentioned our Xmas in August celebration. Someone asked if there were going to be elves. I swear blind I heard Elvis.

'What, a Christmas Elvis? Here's a trainset - thank-yew-very-much uh-ha-ha, Elvis has left the Chimney.'

And so forth. I even did the Elvis power arm twirl in the corridor. Again, nothing.

The irony is of course that really the only difference between fat jumpsuit Elvis and Santa are are the colours of their outfits and facial hair.

I'd like to see Christmas Elvis as a tradition. I think this year I shall institute it for theBoy.


  1. I dunno about Christmas Elvis, but why on earth would anyone say no to nachos? Mmmmm nachos....

  2. I'm beginning to suspect the people in your area just have no sense of humour.

    Bloody public servants.

    I like the idea of a Christmas Elvis. You should see if you can get hold of the Elvis cookbook and each year make one of the things in there as part of the celebration!

  3. sides hurt so very very much...

    A laugh that good is a great way to start the day, and can only be topped by spitefully annoyig the neighbours coz they kept me up last night...yes, today is filled with gold. =D


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