Monday, June 16, 2008

Sanitary Products

Why is it these products are all geared around the theme of "confidence"? It's all like "Three times the absorption so three times the confidence" or "gives me the confidence to take my day and slap it around like a bitch" and so forth.

So if I see a woman striding head high and purposely through the work place should I assume that astride her gusset is some sort of pad with or without wings? Why can't men have a product they use that gives them confidence? I want to have a three times some sort of thing that gives me three times the confidence I need before an important meeting or something.

In fact this all sounds like a job for manpads.


  1. Don't forget we can ride horses if we use tampons.

  2. Cause that's what your cervix needs...

  3. Confidence is code for no leaks. 'Cause God forbid we should leak and someone might see TEH BLOOD!!!!

  4. Blood? Not me. Liquid gold.

  5. oh yes, cause if they saw TEH BLOODS, everyone would know we had TEH PERIOD and we would be SHAMED.

    The ads are all premised on us being about 13 years old and terrified that anyone might know we had TEH PERIOD, as if every other woman of child bearing age does not also get TEH PERIOD, and all men actually know of this already.

    Also, women's bodies are disgusting, and anything that comes out of them must be shameful, and we need scented disposable products so as not to feel TEH SHAME.


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