Monday, June 09, 2008

David Penberthy is attempting to defend himself from charges that he is muck raking slime

He's on Australian Story (ABC, Mondays, 8 pm). Tonight's is a detailed look at when a sportswoman had her photo taken allegedly mid coitus and said photo ended up in the Tele.

Penberthy's defence is 'oh it wasn't judgmental. It was just water cooler. And yeah some of the online comments [where they called her a slut] in retrospect should have been taken down earlier...'

Fucking hell Penberthy is scum. He's managed to make the Daily Telegraph even lower in rent - were that possible.


  1. So they published a photo of some chick having sex? I bet they were among the first to label the Henson/nude teenager photographs porn, but somehow a photo of someone having sex with a footballer is in the public interest? Some consistency would be nice.

  2. If Penberthy went for a job at today Tonight, I can see the Chanel 7 HR manager say, "sorry but we are a respectable tabloid program, not some gutter mag. Try who magazine"


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