Monday, June 02, 2008

Action eases the pain with celebrity drivers

Today was new bus timetable day in the ACT. My usual bus now arrives 15 minutes earlier. Unfortunately it attracted all the early bus people who can now get an extra 15 minutes sleep and still make it to work on time and all the late bus people who had no fucking choice but to get it.

I had to share a seat. And I hate sharing because of public thigh touching. At least I got the seat first. Otherwise my ample rumpness would have had their nerves deadened because, like cinema seats circa mid 90s and earlier, the seats do not factor in the fattie and they have a handy hold on bar that juts fair into your arse-cheek.

It's quite painful after a while.

But lo and behold on the ride home not only did I get a lonesome cowboy seat but I had a celebrity driver! That was totally awesome. I'm assuming as a committed environmentalist David Suzuki took part because it's public transport and all that.

Go Action buses! I didn't even know Suzuki had a heavy vehicles license.


  1. You were on a bus driven by Mr Miyagi!?!?! Cool!

  2. Or Ho Chi Minh. It was hard to nail down which of the three he most resembled


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